Alex mayhew

Course Design and Previous Teaching Experience

Course Design

2023 HY226: The Great War, 1914-1918. A revised version of an old programme, which incorporates recent scholarship and embraces the war's global dimensions. 

2023 Home Fires Burning: Life on the Home Fronts during the First World War.   Compulsory MA Module on MA First World War Studies 

2022 Research Skills: Methods and Sources in First World War Studies. A compulsory MA Module on MA First World War Studies 

2021-22 Global Tutorial Programme, Centre for Tutorial Teaching. A pre-university distance learning programme built around the theme of sustainability including skills workshops, empirical classes, and week-long residential programme.

2021-22 Training Workshops, Centre for Tutorial Teaching. Online career development workshops for research masters’ students, doctoral candidates, and researchers at The American Slovenian Education Foundation (ASEF). 

Also Online curriculum design workshops focussed on the pedagogy, practice, and implementation of tutorials for Blue Ridge Community College, Dallas Community College, and Reach University.

2020-21 LSE100: The LSE Course, LSE. LSE100’s Redevelopment including a blended learning module: ‘Can we design a fair society?

2019-20 Consultant Academic Developer, Reach University (US). Distance Learning Module: ‘History in Practice’ for first year US UGs and helped to map and design a social science pathway for UGs.

2019 Academic Consultant, Historical Association TFP: Conflict, Art and Remembrance. ‘Un-entrenched: How to Improve the Teaching of Trenches in 20 easy steps.’

2018-20 LSE100: The LSE Course, LSE. Blended Learning Module: ‘Can we control AI? A Case Study of Systems Thinking.’

At LSE LIFE I designed workshops on a range of topics including reflective writing, critical thinking, essay writing, source analysis, dissertations (proposals; time management; literature reviews; analysis and structure) and presentations.

Additional Teaching Experience

2022-23 Practicing History, University of Birmingham. Designed two short courses,  both intended to help develop students' skills, one focussed on soldiers' endurance during the First World War and the other on perceptions of the past in the past. Compulsory for first year UGs.

2023 History in Theory and Practice, University of Birmingham. Compulsory for second year UGs.

2022 Pandora's Box. Europe in the Era of the First World War, 1914-33, University of Birmingham. Option for second year UGs.

2020-21 HY120: Historical Approaches to the Modern World, LSE. Compulsory for first year UGs.

2016-20 LSE100. Modules ranging from justice, through international security, to the market. Compulsory for first and second year UGs.