Alex mayhew

Historical Advisor

I have worked with a number of educational and media companies as a consultant, including Wall to Wall Media who produce Who Do You Think You Are. Beyond television, I have appeared on a number of podcasts and on Times Radio, too. 

You can contact me for media appearances or for help on your projects. I can advise you on the historical accuracy of your programmes or productions, and provide insights on the best ways to bring the past to life.

I am available to work with organisations interested in unpicking their own history, groups that need help with research processes, and bodies interested in ensuring that their projects are historically accurate. My specific areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • The World Wars
  • Cultural History
  • History of Mentalities
  • Modern Britain
  • Military History
  • Social Networks
  • Morale
  • Identity
  • Interdisciplinary History