Alex mayhew

Education and Curriculum Consultant

I am well placed to guide your organisation in the development of exciting educational content as well as engaging and innovative courses. 

I am a qualified tertiary educator and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy with a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. I have seven years' experience teaching across history and the social sciences. 

I have worked with organisations such as the Historical Association and the PTI on developing materials for secondary schools and consulted Reach University (US) on the development of distance learning courses. 

Elsewhere, I have collaborated with the Centre for Tutorial Teaching on their curriculum: designing a course to help HE practitioners use the Tutorial Method and an interdisciplinary programme for 16-18 year olds from across the globe.

I am capable of helping your institution transform their educational delivery in the following ways:
  • Finding and foregrounding the narrative of a course.
  • Developing interactive student-led classes and modules
  • Blended learning
  • Distance learning
  • Designing engaging in-class exercises using debate, negotiation, and games
  • Including new and alternative forms of assessment such as policy briefs or strategic plans in your curriculum
  • Incorporating digital skills into the class room
  • Using conceptual frameworks such as wicked problems
  • Introducing co-teaching
  • Teacher training and public speaking
  • Exposing students to effective interdisciplinary education
  • Techniques for encouraging student participation